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I got a job!

Tomorrow is my training day at Nordstrom Rack. I am super excited to work there, they always have cool clothes, amazing shoes and accessories. I cannot wait to buy new clothes for work, right now my wardrobe that is work appropriate is winter or summer clothing.

I hope working there will help get motivated to post more diys. I have been making things and taking pictures but for some reason I have trouble putting it all together.

Things can only go up from here.




Everything going wrong

I have been meaning to start writing,diying, and sell on etsy but it still has not been possible. Every time I have money to start selling something that I need breaks, like my glasses and now my laptop. It is going to cost me $280 to fix it, there goes all the money I had. And to top it all off there is a possibility that everything I has on it will be gone, there goes all the pics for diys I was going to post. I don’t know when I will be able to actually start up everything I wanted, maybe after spring break.

Waiting for a better day,

Swarovski kind of work day

Swarovski kind of work day

Quilted leather jacket
$1,950 – net-a-porter.com

J Brand slim jeans
£190 – liberty.co.uk

Christian Louboutin flat shoes
€708 – ekseption.es

Marni leather handbag
$555 – marni.com

Eddie Borgo crystal jewelry
$1,095 – cultstatus.com.au

Swarovski watch
$810 – swarovski.com

Kate Spade chain necklace
$119 – katespade.com

Aubin Wills ring
£20 – aubinandwills.com

Fall outfit

Fall outfit

Floral print skirt
79 AUD – westfield.com.au

Givenchy low heels
€398 – jades24.com

Spike jewelry
$38 – baublebar.com

Ups and Downs of Nail Art

As usual the internet has been hit or miss. It makes it difficult for me to feel the commitment to blogging. I really want this to succeed, I just need a job so I can start paying for my own internet. That’s enough of that little rant.

I have had some downs in Nail Art recently. Originally I was going to draw some flowers and color them in with the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens. I did not like how my drawings ended up looking so I put another layer over it and hoped it wouldn’t be too noticeable.

Here I used a solid colored and applied a thick coat of glitter polish to the tip. It did not work. I let my nails dry for over an hour before I put on the top coat. After that tied my shoes to walk my dog, my nails got so messed up. I was so upset. I did not take a picture of that, painful memory.


Bad Nail Art

The drawing underneath is totally obvious


So its bad enough that both of my plans did not work how I wanted, what made it worse, the color stained my nails. I would recommend not buying LA Colors Color Craze. It was only $1 at the Dollar Tree, but I don’t think that is worth stained nails that took nearly a week before my nails were clean again. I think I will only use this polish to paint buttons or other stuff.


Nail Polish

The colors I uses and failed miserably


Have you seen the Halloween Sally Hansen Salon Effects? I love them. I kept seeing them but needed to wait until I got money, I even had a coupon. I was so excited to finally be able to buy one, I have never tried it, it was going to be a new experience. I could not find them anymore, every store I go to I look for them, they have the regular ones and some have the winter ones. I was so pissed, I almost threw a tantrum in the middle of the store. Can you imagine a 23-year old woman throwing a tantrum over nail polish strips? It sounds crazy, but I actually stomped my foot on the ground and then realized where I was and stopped. To make me feel better my bf bought my OPI Shatter in pink.


Pink shatter

I am not usually a pink person but I like this


I used Revlon Winter Mist for a neutral base. I think it’s a nice contrast. Even though I am still upset about not getting the Halloween Salon Effects I will continue looking until after Halloween. I might buy a winter one since I still have a coupon.



Dye, Ribbon and Sequence!

So the internet has not been working regularly. It sucks. I have a bunch of stuff I need to write about and post, but the internet decides not to work when I need it too. I am not going to post any DIYs today because I still have not been good and taking pictures of each step, or at least the most important steps. I decided to share some thing I recently made.

First up, a dress I dyed.


Ombre effect

The bottom sea-foam green color is the original color of the dress. I thought it was such a cute summer dress and on clearance for $7 from Target, showed it to my bf and he didn’t like it. He said, “it looks like something my grandma wears.” Me, “wtf?!?” Just kidding. But I was upset. I did not want to wear something that would remind him of grandma. I had tons of ideas to make the dress look different. My original plan was to color block, just the top was going to be purple. I could not figure out how I was going to achieve the design. My idea did not work, I used duct tape around the dress, hoping the dye wouldn’t bleed through. Stupid me, as soon as I put the dress in the bucket the tape was not sticking to the dress anymore. I tried to keep only the top part in the bucket. That did not happen. Even though I was not going for ombre, I really like the way it turned out. And now it doesn’t remind him of grandma, so I call that a success.

Next up, a tank top that I decided needed to be jazzed up.


Shiny has been added.

I had a bag with different sizes and colors of sequence. Used a needle and thread the matched the shirt and just randomly placed sequenced and sewed them down. I really like the way it turned out, not too blingy so I can wear it whenever, dress it up or dress it down. I had never worn the shirt before, I needed a brown shirt for something, but later found one I liked better. Since I have not found a job and can’t buy new clothes I might as well update what I do have.

Last, a bangle.


Cheetah print is so fall


I used the inside of a ribbon spool and wrapped this printed ribbon around, put a little bit of E6000 glue on the inside and let it dry. It looks so chic especially for fall. I know I’m going to wear this a lot.

I hope the internet works better so I can post regularly. I have some new nails pics I want to post.



Time to Catch up! And a DIY!

It has been 12 days since I last posted. This is sad since I barely started. WARNING: about to rant, if you don’t want to read please skip to the next paragraph. I guess I have been going through a IDon’tKnowWhattodowithMyLife kind of crisis. I recently graduated with an English degree, did not do an internship because I needed to work and now I can’t find a job. I’m either overqualified or underqualidied. FML. I wanted to move to Austin but can’t afford it even though I have an awesomely cheap place I could move in to.

During all of the distractions I did get some things accomplished, I am just really bad at remembering to take pictures. I am not use to having to take pictures of everything I make but I promise I will get better at it. I am also not good at taking picture of myself. Hopefully practice will make me better at that.

I made a fascinator. I have never made one before but seeing so many cute ones out there I decided to try. I have Halloween on the brain, so I didn’t want it to be fancy. I wanted something fun, cute and flirty. It was not too difficult to make but I wish I had done some things differently which I will discuss later.


Yes that is a spider on my head


*Felt – for the base

*Tuelle- mine is purple

*Sheer fabric – I don’t really know what I used, it was a piece of rolled fabric.

* Zipper – mine was gray but you can use whatever color you have or want

*I put a  spray painted silver spider in the center, but you could use rhinestones, buttons, glitter, beads, etc.

*Needle & thread

*E-6000 Glue

*Alligator clip- or whatever you want to use

*Clear nail polish


Pretty in Pink Felt


1) I used the ribbon spool to trace out the circles on the  felt. You will want to cut out 2, one that you will sew or glue everything onto and the other to cover it up.

2) I cut up my materials evenly, I didn’t measure them out. I probably should have.




3) I folded up the tuelle/fabric a bunch of times and ran the needle back and fourth a few times. Enough for it to feel sturdy. I would place it on the felt and run the needle again. Then knotted the end. I also dabbed a bit of clear nail poilsh to the knot, just to insure the knot staying a knot.

Pink and Purple

Girly Colors! Time to edge it up!

All pieces

It has just enough girliness

4) Repeat. I did 2 layers. The longer layer had a total of 8 pieces, the shorter layer had 4.

I wish I had planned the placement better, I should have tried to space it evenly.












5) I cut the zipper into 4 equalish lenghts and sewed it on top, almost like a flower or star.

I think I should have glued it first, that way it would be easier to sew, or attach each strip individually instead of together.

Edgy now

Now with more zippers!

I really like the zippers on top, but I felt like it was missing something. I still had some of the plastic Halloween decorations that I spray painted. I had trouble deciding  between the silver and gold spiders. I opted for silver since I perfer silver.

6) I put some E-6000 glue on the bottom of the spider, placed it on top and held it down for a minute or two.



7) I cut two small slits on the other piece of felt, glued it to the back and slipped my alligator clip through it, because I didn’t want it to be permanent. But you could easliy glue the clip and other piece of felt.

Close up

Close up of the back

I made a huge mistake. The green material was fraying around the edges and I didn’t want that to happen. I wasn’t sure if this material would be ok to burn/melt the edge and I don’t trust myself with fire alone. I decided to use clear nail polish, which did stop the fraying but it looks ugly. I don’t know if its noticeable in the pic. I plan on remaking this one, and making a new one, I just need to figure out what to do for the edge.


And now a nice picture of the final product.


Did I mention I love the spider?




I have tons of other stuff I need to post hopefully I will write another one tonight 🙂



Nails! Nails! Nails!

When I was getting ready to do my nails I decided I wanted to play with the color bloacking trend. It didn’t come out as I wanted but I am digging the color combination. I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Lightening color, Revlon Winter Mist, and Milan Nail Art Blue Print. What do you think of this color combination? I was going for a mix of summer and fall, for the season transition.

Color Combo

Love the mix of summer and fall colors.

Color Block

Color Block

It is difficult keeping the lines straight and even. Maybe I should use making tape, I will try that next time. Some nails the color block design looks better than others.I wish my boyfriend could help me with me nails. *sigh* I will continue painting different designs on my nails and get better 🙂 Anyone have suggestions to make straight line better?






Here is some pics from my last 2 nail art creations. I usually take the pics when I finish but I didn’t get to with these, so they were taken from a phone, uploaded to fb and then downloaded to my comp so the quality is not great.

Wildcat Pride

Purple, black and silver glitter. Love it!



The purple, black and silver was done in the colors of my high school. My younger sister is in marching band and a senior, since I was actually home I wanted to show some school pride at the football game last friday. I really liked the way they turned out, but the silver glitter was a pain to get off.



TIP: Put a top coat between the nail polish color/s and the silver glitter, the color gets absorbed…or I didn’t let it dry long enough.

Punkish Cheetah

Pink, black and white. What couldn't go wrong?

The Punk Cheetah was from 2 weeks ago, I saw a similar image in a Sephora’s Nail Art pamphlet. Mine doesn’t look as good but I am proud of myself. It is way more difficult making ‘c’ and ‘v’ and filling with white polish than I thought it would be.

Any suggestions of what I should do next? I will be doing my nails again tomorrow, and every monday.



Skeleton Neckace – DIY

Skeleton Necklace

The silver looks awesome against the block top

This is a super easy DIY necklace. I bought a bag with Halloween plastic stuff from Dollar Tree, so it was only $1. Love the price, especially since I will make several pieces of jewelry/projects. I did not love the weird neon colors, some were in black but not the ones I actually wanted to use. I spray painted half of the plastic decorations in silver and the other half in black (obviously not the ones that were already black). The silver ones came out amazing, the black ones did not. The black was matte and muted the details, I was not diggin’ it. I did repaint those in acrylic gold and some with glittery nail polish. I really liked the way they came out, but that is not what this post is about. Moving on.

Plastic stuff

Halloween Decorations


Silver makes everything better


Skeleton Necklace

After the paint was dried, I applied a layer of sealer so the paint does not chip. It dried some more. I attched a jump ring to the skeleton (luckily it already had a hole on the top) and the middle of the chain. I then looked for some black necklace closings to match the chain. I think its fabulous and I will probably wear it more than once a year.

I will be making jewelry with the other pieces, I have an idea for the worm one into a bracelet, I just don’t know for sure if my plan will work. I hope you look forward to more Halloween inspired jewelry. I know I am.